Tag: Pipes vs PT

Episode 191: Learn Roots Music DVD Reviews

[mp3player width=350 height=100 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml file=http://cdn1.libsyn.com/sixstringbliss/6SB_191.mp3] Download the episode here. Pipes takes some crap from PT. Pappy gets famous. PT drops his ipod in a treadmill. PT wants a Gretch. Pipes complains about Gretches. The Bliss pays tribute to some fallen guitar podcasts. Pipes and PT butt heads yet again. PT reviews two instructional DVDs from www.learnrootsmusic.com: Rockabilly Electric Guitar by…

Episode 158: Surviving in a Band

[mp3player width=350 height=100 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml file=http://cdn1.libsyn.com/sixstringbliss/Six-String_Bliss_158.mp3] Would you rather be in a good band you can’t stand or a crummy band you love? If you found a winning group, would you comprise your vision or split over creative differences? Pipes and PT take a look at these and other quandaries that face those who attempt to survive in band. Pipes considers…

Episosde 81: Guitar Spawn!

[mp3player width=350 height=100 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml file=http://cdn3.libsyn.com/sixstringbliss/Six-String_Bliss_81.mp3] Pipes gets in touch with his rockabilly roots, PT proposes the creation of a disposable guitar and the guys plan how to best cultivate the next generation of guitarists. Podcast gold, I tell you!

Episode 65: Blissing For Freedom!

[mp3player width=350 height=100 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml file=http://cdn3.libsyn.com/sixstringbliss/Six-String_Bliss_65.mp3] In this episode, PT gets a little feisty about the Guitarist of the Week, Pipes declares himself an idiot and musicians across the globe rock for the environment, freedom and possibly even the love of music! Also, there’s some talk about death and Manuel Noriega.

Episode 42: The Double-Dip

[mp3player width=350 height=100 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml file=http://cdn3.libsyn.com/sixstringbliss/Six-String_Bliss_42.mp3] Every great band puts out the occational experimental album, right? Sometimes they’re great and sometimes they fall flat. Why should Six-String Bliss be any different? Join Pipes and/or PT for a experimental look at a founder of rock and roll, one of the greatest years ever and a little bit of weirdness.