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Episode 105: Interview with John 5!

[mp3player width=350 height=100 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml file=http://cdn3.libsyn.com/sixstringbliss/Six-String_Bliss_105.mp3] This week Pipes and PT talk with the legendary guitarist John-5 about his June 3rd release Requium. Also in this episode your dynamic duo braves the Chicago Guitar Show and define the term fifth.

Episode 103: Epiphone Valve Jr. – Even PT can mod this!

[mp3player width=350 height=100 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml file=http://cdn3.libsyn.com/sixstringbliss/Six-String_Bliss_103.mp3] Sponsored by G7th Capo www.G7th.com Check out these great capos and let ’em know you appreciate their support of the Bliss! Pipes reads from a Schecter Guitar catalogue. Really! www.schecterguitars.com PT tries to pronounce Henman-Bevilacqua Guitars www.henbev.com Guitarist of the Week: M. Ward www.mwardmusic.com Click on these links to buy his album Transistor Radio or his latest relase Post-War.…