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Six String Bliss Retro Zone #4

[mp3player width=350 height=100 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml file=http://cdn3.libsyn.com/sixstringbliss/Retro_Zone_4.mp3] Pipes and PT discuss traveling with your guitar, Christmas gift-buying guide for guitarists, and their top 5 Christmas Albums. The holiday-themed outros are kicked off by a song from one of our hosts!

Episode 130: Compete or Die

[mp3player width=350 height=100 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml file=http://cdn3.libsyn.com/sixstringbliss/Six-String_Bliss_130.mp3] Pipes and PT lament the terrors of toy assembly. Pipes goes on holiday and PT plays at the Christmas program. GoW (selected by Clint Searcy): Michael Schenker www.michaelschenkerhimself.com Guitar News: Korg recovers a crate of gear (probably tuners). www.entrepreneur.com New guitar community? www.axebay.com Wisconsin man scamming guitarists www.madison.com Even divorce can’t keep Chris Cornell from…

Episode 129: 2008 Christmas List

[mp3player width=350 height=100 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml file=http://cdn3.libsyn.com/sixstringbliss/Six-String_Bliss_129.mp3] Pipes has shipped the Bliss Picks. Some could be heading to your home at this very moment. Pipes is questioning his love for VH1. www.vh1.com The email of the week once again corrects our pronunciation. www.a2zgorge.info GoW (selected by Rhettro): Jeff Loomis www.jeffloomis.com Pipes and PT pick a couple jems from Fender Signature line. Bob…

Episode 91: A Blissful Christmas!

[mp3player width=350 height=100 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml file=http://cdn3.libsyn.com/sixstringbliss/Six-String_Bliss_91.mp3] The good folks at Searcy-Buchholz Track Works have recently teamed up with Six-String Bliss to release our first Christmas album, and this episode is all about listening to it! Plus, we mention some music-related charities that could use your help.

Episode 50: Blissmas Time!

[mp3player width=350 height=100 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml file=http://cdn3.libsyn.com/sixstringbliss/Six-String_Bliss_50.mp3] Guitarists rejoice; Blissmas Time is here! In this podcast, we thrill out to Christmas tunes sent in by our listeners and ponder the true meaning of Blissmas.