Got the Time?

Hey all you Six-Stringers out there….it is time yet again for Pipes to crack open his head and pour out a few words for you. So turn up the volume on your Anthrax CD and come along for a bit of time travel. Now Historically this would be a pretty damn big week on the front of the Bliss. After all, it is NAMM week. The one week every year where we get to see the best of the best and the newest of the new. So what better time to go on this trip?

Anthrax  - Persistence of time

So lets start off with the historical items you need to know in order to keep up here:

  • 1954 – Fender releases the Stratocaster.
  • 1979 – Joe Jackson releases the Look Sharp! album with the track Got the Time.
  • 1990 – Anthrax releases the Persistence of Time album featuring a cover of Joe Jackson’s Got the Time.
  • 1992 – Pipes attends Lollapalooza witnessing a young Peal Jam perform

I think that should cover what we need historically here.

Now run with me here. I recently read an amazing novel which involved a bit of the concept of overpowering time and being able to stop time. I mean who hasn’t dreamt over cracking open the one thing we are all slave to, time? But after further thought this may not be a novel I read…but this might really be happening. What if some asshole out there has suspended time for his own gain and we are all slaves in it?

Don’t believe me?

Okay then explain this. Yesterday I sit down in my car to begin my commute home. I forgot my cable to play my music from my phone on the stereo so I started playing with those buttons on it and came across this thing called FM radio. Gasp! I know what is this FM thing? Joking aside, I tuned it to what is being called Chicago’s NEW Alternative. Great…I am gonna get a dose of some new alternative music. After about ten minutes of ads telling me to lose weight on a free trial of some drug and that I need my windows replaced here comes the music. I am listening, I dig it. Hell it kinda rocks. Then I say wait a second…that is Pearl Jam Alive. I saw them play that live in 1992. How is this NEW alternative?

Still don’t believe me that someone has stopped time when it comes to music? How about this? So I eagerly open my email box to read the lastest and greatest news straight from the NAMM floor. Holy Crap Batman! Huge headlines from FMIC! This is gonna be huge! Fender releases the 60th Anniversary Stratocaster! Now I know your jaws have all hit the floor now as mine did when I first heard. Let me give you a little more awe here. Not only is it a Fender Strat, but it now has a commemorative medallion on the back of the headstock. And as if they would stop there….there is also a neck plate with the 60th anniversary logo.

And here is the best part! It is a strat. That is right the same damn guitar they have been building with little change for 60 years! Certainly headline worthy, right? I mean NAMM is the best of the best and the newest of the new. The fact that the biggest news out of that shit show is Fender building yet another anniversary strat is just plain sickening.

So when it comes to the musical world…right now what is hot and new is a song Pearl Jam put out 23 years ago….oh wait maybe what I did hear was new…I bet it was the 23th anniversary edition of Pearl Jams Alive…that had to be it. And Fender has built another strat.

Seriously, What the hell is going on? Where is the new album that changes music forever and spawns a new musical revolution? Where is the new guitar that changes things? We have spent too damn long in this time warp….who ever has that damned remote control, hit play already, we all need to move on!

P.S. You didn’t really need to know that Joe Jackson first recorded Got the Time which was later covered by Anthrax…I just found it ironic that the first song that came to mind on this topic was a cover 😉


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