Episode 260: Interview with Don Alder & the Future of Guitar

In this episode, fingerstyle guitarist extraordinaire Don Alder sits down for an interview and an mini lesson with the Bliss. Plus, has Pipes discovered the future of guitar?  It’s three episode October, right here on Six-String Bliss!

Download here!

Pipes is working on his site reading.

Welcome to 3 episode October!

Pipes has a revolutionary idea for guitar. Is it the future or the next desposable guitar. http://www.plastidip.com/

Center Song: (I Won’t Be Your) Carnival Queen by Deadbeat Boulevard

Don Alder is an acoustic fingerstyle guitarist of amazing style and skill he sits down for an interview and and mini-lesson with Six-String Bliss. Thanks to Larry Smith for setting up and conducting the interview!

An iTunes review from Japhew.

Pipes decides to bring back an unfashionable drink.

Bliss Army Outro Track of the Week: Danger Bay by Jesse Dee


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