Episode 258: Interview with Joe Matera, Barter Paupers, and an Angry Review


In this episode, PT sits down with Australian guitarist Joe Matera, Pipes proposes a gentleman’s competition, and PT has a bone to pick with the Internet.

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Pipes and PT catch up on what’s been going on during their unannounced hiatus.
Pipes is classy now.
King and Queen of Sorry – http://kingandqueenofsorry.bandcamp.com/
She & Him & wrinkled shirts.
Joe Matera is an Australian solo instrumental artist and rock guitarist. He sat down with PT to discuss his career, his gear, and his new EP ‘Slave to the Fingers’. Check him out at www.joematera.com

Center Song: Out of the Blue by Joe Matera
PT has a bone to pick with the Internet.
Pipes proposes a gentleman’s competition.
A nice iTunes review from Dan’s acoustic garage.
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Bliss Army Outro track of the week: Luxury Pill by Laughing Man


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