Episode 254: Build Your Own

Whether it is a pedal, a pedalboard, or a song, there is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment you get from building your own. The guys discuss this and so much more.

Download here!

Pappy is recording in the Butchery… or something.

PT questions everything, including string changes.

Pipes wrestles with his thoughts and a championship.

Pappy makes an important announcement.

The musical world has lost a legend. RIP Ernest Mclean.

Would you rather build your dream guitar or your dream amp?

Pappy builds a pedal.

Larry builds a pedalboard.

PT builds a song.

Alfie builds a pedal.

Pappy questions wardrobes.

An iTunes review from across the pond.

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Bliss Army Track of the Week: Homeward Bound by Scott Frein



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