Episode 249: The Collaboration Episode

Pipes, PT and Pappy discuss collaboration (with a little help from their friends). We’ve got a Mod Kits DIY amp review, a Parker Fly review, a review of the Podcaster guitar and a special segment on the Bliss community collaboration, “Hey You”.

Download here!

Pappy cooks and PT giggles.

Pappy resists temptation. www.protonepedals.com

PT might be a dick.

PT sings about Leo.

Pappy and Clint Searcy sit down to discuss the Mod Kits DIY amp that they recently built.

The return of the Fantasy Football Minute!

Jan, David and PT sit down to discuss the 6SB community collaboration ‘Hey You’. Plus, we play the track with a special intro by the General!

The guys run down some of their favorite collaborations of all time.

Pipes, PT, Pappy and Clint Searcy all share their thoughts on the Parker Fly. They were all able to spend some quality time with it recently. Hear what they thought. And huge thanks to Laughing Larry for generously letting us spend time with his guitar!

Steve Clark (no, not that one) checks in with a review of the Six-String Bliss Podcaster guitar.

Pappy’s Pick: The Cramps

PT’s Pick: The Hunter by Mastodon

Pipes’s Pick: Slash and Phineas and Ferb

Theme for next month: Modelers

Bliss Army Outro Track: Frost By Matt Stevens

Discuss the episode on the forum, email us at sixstringbliss@gmail.com. or give us a call at 815-570-9749.





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