Episode 248: Taylor 616CE Review, Taylor 12-Fret and Nashville Amp Expo Recap

In this surprise event-themed episode, PT, Clint Searcy, and Matt and Derrick from Gear for Guitar discuss the Nashville Amp Expo. Plus reviews of the Taylor Find Your Fit event, the Taylor 616ce and the Taylor 12-Fret CE.

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Pappy contemplates changing the name of his studio, and he throws a birthday party.

The guys talk guitar events and Gary Hoey’s weird wrist muscle.

PT, Clint Searcy, and Matt and Derrick from the Gear for Guitar Podcast sit down at the Nashville Amp Expo to wrap up this cool show.

PT and Pappy share their experiences at a recent Taylor Find Your Fit Event.

Pappy reviews the Taylor 616CE.

PT reviews the Taylor 12-Fret CE.

Pappy’s Pick: Nevermind by Nirvana

PT’s Pick: Sound Opinions

Bliss Army Outro Track: You Really Got Me by Pandaface

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