Episode 247: The Under $50 Episode!

Pipes, PT and Pappy are back with a whole bunch of their friends! This month, the guys take a look at some of the best stuff under fifty bucks, including the Boss DS-1, Blue Chip Picks, the Jake Blade, Smokey Amps and more!

Download here!

PT gets creepy and grows a beard.

Pipes makes a guitar love connection.

What can you get for under $50? PT and Dave Mac have a surprising answer. Read the story here.

Doug sends in a review of the Jake Blade.

Pappy reviews the Watch and Learn book Blues Licks.

Pipes has a rant.

Aflie discusses the Boss DS-1.

PT talks to Matthew Goins of Blue Chip picks. Is it the best pick in the world?

GoM: Charlie Daniels!

Dave Mac reviews the Smokey Amp.

Pappy’s Pick: Damnesia by Alkaline Trio.

PT’s Pick: Lost in the 80s by The Lost Fingers.

Pipes’s Pick: Smash by Offspring.

Bliss Army Outro Track: I’m Talkin’ ‘Bout Fuzz by Alfie Llanos

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