Episode 228: Weird Guitars

Pipes and PT countdown their top 4 favorite weird guitars by major manufacturers. Plus a Guitarist of the Week, revisited and Pipes and PT fight about the merits of the straplock.

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Pipes gets a job upgrade and a phone upgrade!

PT gets all sad and has a sad announcement!

Pipes prepares to get inked… but where?

It’s Pipes vs PT: Straplock Edition. Where do you stand?

Pipes and PT countdown the top 4 weird guitars from major manufacturers. Prepare to be freaked out!

GoW: Jack White http://www.whitestripes.com/

Welcome to our newest forum member!

Bliss Army Outro Track of the week: Mrs McKee by Bossest Mustangs

Discuss the episode on the forum, email us at sixstringbliss@gmail.com. or give us a call at 815-570-9749.


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  1. March 11, 2011 at 8:20 am

    Hey Guys…..WOW….Thanks for the personal welcome back on the “Weird Guitars” Episode. You should have seen my face as I’m walking by the lake and heard my member name mentioned on the show by PT and Pipes…..Coolness! Have a great weekend dudes.

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