Episode 176: Pipes and Who?!?

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Intoucing the blooger extrodinaire straight from the 5th Fret Blog as the new co-host of Six String Bliss. Don’t worry, Pappy is not here to replace Pipes or even PT, he is the 3rd host.

Pipes plays a round of 10 questions with Pappy to “get to know” his inner love for cartoon charecters.

Pipes tries to disrupt PT’s magical day at Disney World with an unanswered phone call.

PT brings us Part 2 of his review of Amplitube 3

Guitar News presented by GuitarNewsDaily.com:

Slash teams up with Dora the Explorer
Pink Floyd win EMI court ruling over online sales

Guitarist of the Week
Pappy pulls out one of his favorite guitarsts this week, Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio.

Gibson has had a pretty rough year to date. No worries, Pappy and Pipes are here to help. Join the two as they try to weed through the mess of bad Gibson press and offer thier point of view to Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz.

Bliss Army Outro:
Last Words by Panic Disorder

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