Episode 157: Interview with Author and Critic Greg Kot!

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Greg Kot, host of the radio show Sound Opinions and music critic for the Chicago Tribune, joins us to discuss innovation, the future of the musician and his book Ripped.

Pipes has weird visions…

Guitar News from www.guitarnewsdaily.com:

Eddie Van Halen working to relearn the guitar.

Jimmy Page and Jack White get some publicity.

Guitar Crime at a church!

Clint Searcy checks in with a great review of the MXR 2000 Flanger!

Listener feedback on guitarists picking up the bass.

Pipes takes the next step in his pursuit of the martial arts… and it leads him to consider his approach to guitar.

PT turns a profit busking.

Pipes and PT take a look at the new album from Stelios Arnaoutoglou, Sides and Paths.
Pick it up at cdbaby.com/cd/steliosarnaoutoglou

Stelios’ track Anatolia II closes out the episode.


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