Episode 155: Interview with Les Claypool!

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Pipes and PT celebrate ‘Four String Bliss’ with legendary bassist Les Claypool. Les talks about his new album, his instruments and Sir George Martin.
Be sure to check out Les Claypool’s new album ‘Of Fungi and Foe’ at www.lesclaypool.com

Guitar News from www.guitarnewsdaily.com:

NASCAR driver attempts to smash guitar.

Canadians attempt to smash record.

Poison Plays the Tonys.

Guitar Edge takes their content online.

Pipes’ mom becomes a Guitar Hero and Pipes checks out some live music.

PT looks for a bassist.

The boys get an annoyed voicemail and some other great feedback.

Bassist of the Week:

John Entwistle

A Bliss Army Outro song from Snoozy and Monk! Enjoy!


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