Episode 102: Guitar Stories – That Moment of Bliss

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Just what is a Six-String Bliss Guitar Story?

Here at Six-String Bliss we belive that a guitar is more then simply a piece of wood, more then an instrument. It is truly a part of all who play guitar. Every guitarist has a story. Some fantastic and almost mythical, some mundane. With our Guitar Stories series, we take time out to share some of these stories. We take a step back from the gear or the latest guitar news. Hold off on the rants and raves to go back to the simple things. This series captures the love between guitarist and the guitar. Sometimes it is an accomplished guitarist telling the story, sometimes it is a person first coming to the guitar. The common bond between them is the same bond that makes this podcast a success, the love of the guitar.

So come with us and share the love of the guitar in our Guitar Stories series!

Whats your ‘Guitar Story’? We know you have one! If you would like to share your own personal guitar story with the world let us know by emailing us. You could be the next ‘Guitar Story’!


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