Episode 100!

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The new website is launched! Check out www.sixstringbliss.com to join in the fun and enjoy the ever increasing extras.

Pipes and PT reveal their favorite memories of the first 100 episodes.

Mr. and Mrs. Searcy join us to answer the musical questions ‘What piece of gear is most essential to your sound?’ and ‘What critically acclaimed band do you not get?’. Let the controversy begin! They also reveal the most resent goings on at www.searcystringworks.comGuitars For Vets http://guitarsforvets.org and Searcy-Buchholz Track Works http://sbtw.proboards92.com Check em out!

Pipes and PT tease about the exciting content of episodes 101 and 102.

Jacko answers our musical questions via email and bashes yet another world-renown rock band.

The guys discuss their next purchases, and Pipes’ has nothing to do with the guitar!

Pipes also reveals his next guitar DIY project and promises pictures.

Pipes directs PT to www.needledoctor.com for all his turntable needs.

The boys bring it with a review of Premier Guitar Magazine.http://www.premierguitar.com Highly recommended!

Pipes tips his hat to www.greasygroove.com where you can create your own customer pickguards.

Pipes and PT wrap up the first 100 with a heartfelt thanks to each other and all the great listeners.

Chat about the episode, identify our movie clips and answer this week’s questions yourself over at the forum!


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