Ahhh, It’s Time To Relax

So lets talk about music for a second. For a lot of us here, music is en-grained in us and there are thousands of reasons we listen to music. Why we choose the tracks we do at particular moments I think is one of the most compelling thoughts around this. As we are all different and I don’t know what is going through your heads, I thought it best to approach this thought introspectively.

Throughout my life, I have always found my listening choices to be relation based. I would find music which I could relate to based upon what I was thinking. Angry and pissed off? Something like Slayer was always a great choice. Wanna go for a drive? Well hell yes, Skinny Jim & the Number 9 Blacktops fits perfect. Hell I remember drowning my frustrations from a particularly bad High School relationship in Offspring’s Self Esteem (Big surprise the guy behind the mic and keyboard has self esteem issues 😉 ).

While this relational listening is interesting, it is also pretty obvious. I mean think about it, your head is going through certain thoughts and what better way to listen to music but by selecting something that shares those thoughts and emotions. At the very least it helps you feel like you are not the only crazy one out there.

Lately however I have found my listening to be less relational though. For me listening to music has become purely my only source of stress relief. Now in saying this I cannot help but think back to my 4th grade music teacher who taught some questionable theories. For it was him who taught me that ‘Heavy Metal’ was classified purely by music which was played with the guitars using a specific color of distortion box. Looking back I can only assume he was speaking of a Boss DS-1. Yet this screwed up theory haunted me until I was in college and learned better. I digress. Anyway, it was he who taught me that music effects the person beyond just simply hearing it. His theory here was that ‘studies’ have shown that just listening to ‘Heavy Metal’ increases the listeners blood pressure (Apparently he had a thing with calling out Metal).

At any rate, music is my sole source of stress relief lately. It doesn’t really matter what is going on. Work sucks, money is well not there, kids are nuts, or my wife is mad at me. At any point, no matter how stressed I am, all it takes is a drive in the car with the music turned up to find my place of solace. Now I bring up the theory of raised blood pressure only because 9 times out of 10 my musical selection is loud angry and fast. Does my blood pressure raise? I really don’t know. But I do know that I could have a splitting headache all day long and then I drive home with the stereo maxed out and the headache disappears.

So the downfall of this is I have not yet found a way to have headphones on 24/7. I gotta live in the real world. A real world which stresses me out from every angle. And while that sucks, having that time everyday to just turn up the music and get back to my base. And sure sometimes those punk anthems piss me off and fire me up. But in that I find relaxation. It is just letting the world go away and letting the music take you.

So for those of you who are stressed out, turn up the tunes…After all, music soothes even the savage beast.


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