Scales of Horror

The Six String Bliss comunity has done it again. Not only have we put together another KILLER album, but this time we wrote it too. That is right, this special Halloween album started with a ‘No Covers Allowed’ rule. This album showcases not only the incredible playing talent among the Blissners, but also the amazing songwriting ability.

Upon clicking to download you will be downlaoding a zip file which includes: the full high-resolution artwork, the 9 mp3 files and the full liner notes written by PT, Pipes and each artist appearing on the album.

Thank you to all the artists who contributed. Thank you our families and the families and friends of all the artists who put up with the time spent locked in the studio knocking these tracks out. Thank you to Jan ‘JMan’ Buchholz for the fantastic cover art, and Larry Smith for the awesome pumkin carving and phtography that paved the way for the back cover. And of course, thank you to all the listeners of Six-String Bliss. Even if your name is not on the back cover, this is YOUR album. You keep us going, and your support helped build the community that produced this album. And who knows… maybe your name will be on the cover next time around!

Click Here To Download Album!

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